INNF+ 2021

ICML Workshop on Invertible Neural Networks, Normalizing Flows, and Explicit Likelihood Models

Virtual Workshop: How It Works

This year INNF+ is held online. There will be three types of talks:

  • Invited talks: 25 minute pre-recorded presentation + 5 minute live Q&A.
  • Contributed talks: 25 minute pre-recorded presentation + 5 minute live Q&A.
  • Spotlights: 5 minute pre-recorded presentation.

See Schedule and Accepted Papers for more details. All talks will be live-streamed during the workshop. The long talks will be followed by a 5-minute live Q&A session; the workshop participants are encouraged to take this time to interact with the speakers. All videos will be accessible to the participants on the ICML website.

Click me to watch the streamed videos

  • Slack: Please join our Slack to interact with other participants asynchronously. You can ask your questions at the #offline_q_a channel for the live Q&A sessions. You can also join the Zoom room to interact with the speakers directly. The join link can be found in the virtual site.
  • Virtual site (streaming): Please visit the conference virtual site to watch the livestreaming.
  • Poster sessions: We'll be using for virtual poster sessions.

Questions? Contact us at or reach us via Slack.