INNF+ 2020

Virtual Workshop: How It Works

This year INNF+ is going virtual due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To fully exploit the virtual format, we’ve invited the authors of all accepted papers to record a video. There will be four types of talks:

  • Invited talks: 25 minute pre-recorded presentation + 5 minute live Q&A. See the schedule for the list of invited talks.
  • Contributed talks: 25 minute pre-recorded presentation + 5 minute live Q&A.
  • Spotlights: 5 minute pre-recorded presentation.
  • Poster presentation: 5 minute pre-recorded presentation. Not streamed.

The first three types of talks will be streamed during the workshop. The long talks will be followed by a 5-minute live Q&A session; the workshop participants are encouraged to take this time to interact with the speakers. All videos will be accessible to the participants on the ICML website.
Click me to watch the streamed videos

Main Zoom room (for Q&A)

There will be a main Zoom room accessible to participants during live Q&A sessions after invited talks & contributed talks. All speakers will by default be invited to join the Zoom room. Participants can also join the Zoom room to ask questions. We will be working with SlidesLive to stream the pre-recorded contents and the live Q&A.

Slack (offline communication)

In order to enable offline communication, we will invite all speakers and workshop participants to join a Slack workspace. There will be an #offline_q_a channel where participants can ask questions (instead of going to the Zoom room); a session chair will be monitoring this channel during the live Q&A.
There will be a unique channel for each accepted paper. Participants of the workshop are encouraged to interact offline with the authors. In addition, during the reviewing process, we’ve asked the reviewers to provide 1-3 questions regarding the paper. We will post these questions in the channels to start a discussion, and the authors are encouraged to respond as an open rebuttal.

Poster Zoom rooms

There will be two poster sessions: one in the morning (10:30-11:10 UTC), and another in the afternoon (17:00-17:40 UTC). Each author will be asked to attend at least one session (it could be both). The availability of the authors and the link to the Zoom rooms will be made available soon. We will create a Zoom room for a bit more than 40 minutes so that the discussion won’t be cut off right away after the designated time.

Questions? Contact us at